July 15, 2017 - PRACTICE
July 16, 2017 - RACE

Registrations closes July 9


Extending over 22,000 square kilometers, the Laurentides region takes its name from the mountain range that makes it. Region coveted for its beauty and its unique scenery, it is undoubtedly one of the most sought after in Quebec by sports enthusiasts.

For the 2017 season, the organization works with the best and most beautiful centers of this mythical region. Stay tuned on our social networks and our website to unveil the exact location of the competition.

Accomodation : Hotels & Hostel, Campings, Others




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13 and under


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Pro Open


The cumulative

  1. The cumulative ranking of the 2017 Series will be your best three races.
  2. To have a cumulative ranking of the season you must participate in the Mont Sutton Final.
  3. Anyone who meets the following criteria will have a bonus of 200 points.
    • Anyone living in Ontario or on the East of Ontario participating in either of the 2 BC races
    • Anyone living in Manitoba or to the west of Manitoba participating in one of the 4 races in Quebec
    • A maximum of 200 bonus points can be accumulated.


  1. Registration
    1. Every participants must be a member of the FQSC (Fédération Québecois des Sports Cyclistes) by one of these three ways :
      • Get an annual membership of the FQSC on the FQSC website : https://fqsc.net/adhesion-et-affiliation
      • Get a daily pass the day of the event with the present FQSC commissary
      • The competitors who lives outside the Quebec province or the neighboring regions of it and stay in Canada must have a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) official licence.
      • Get a licence card of any cycling association with a UCI number on it.
    2. Every riders must subscribe according to their good categories. The organisators have to right to change it if they judge it necessary.
    3. Every participant under 18 years old must subscribe in the junior category and this, whatever their mountain biking skills.
  2. Race
    1. Every riders must complete all the morning and the afternoon stages in the hours set by the organisators. The hours may change between different races.
    2. Every participants must be self-sufficient in the race. We highly recommend to bring all the stuff with you to repair any problems that can happen with your bike. After taking the start of stage 1, it is impossible to go back to base camp to repair your bike and finish your other stages after.
    3. We encourages the competitors to help each others during the race but, every help coming from a non-competitor is illegal otherwise, disqualification will follow.
    4. Every riders must absolutely follow the transition lines established between the stages. Each participants seeing someone breaking the rule must advise the volunteer on the the stage start.
    5. Taking a shortcut during the race goes against the mentality of enduro and is harmful for the sport. Every participant who will be found cheating will be disqualified immediately.
    6. The organisation retains the right to split 30 seconds ont the timing of a participant who accidentally shorten their course.
    7. If 2 participants got the same total time, the time of the last stage will be use to split the 2 riders
    8. The organisators retains the right to take off a stage of the total time.
    9. Being disrespectful with a rider, an organisator or another participants goes against the Marin Wildside Enduro mentality. Every participants having such behavior will be banish of all events.
    10. All motorise assistance is illegal.
    11. Only one bike per competitor is authorize.
  3. Protections
    1. Wearing a helmet is an obligation during all the race, even in the transitions lines. We highly recommend to have a full face helmet.
    2. It’s mandatory to wear an hydratation bag full of water or a body armour to take the start at stage 1. No one can do it without any of these protections.
    3. No actions camera (GOPRO) will be tolerate on the body or on the helmet. You can put it on your bike or on the visor of your helmet.
    4. Wearing a no sleeve t-shirt or tank top is not legal in a FQSC race. You are mandatory to wear a shirt with sleeves.
  4. Environment
    1. Being respectful of the environment is one important point for the Marin Wildside Enduro organisation. Everybody must respect all the trails and the nature during the race. The use of tear off lens is prohibited. Any waste must be thrown away in garbage can and NOT on the ground. Time penalties may apply.

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Registrations closes July 9

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