The Marin Wildside Enduro is back for a third consecutive year. Born in Saint-Raymond in 2015, the series continues to expand in 2017 with 3 new races; Bake Lake, BC, Kamloops, BC and Mount Sutton, QC.

Created by mountain bike enthusiasts, the Marin Wildside Enduro has its roots in the heart of the enduro spirit, which is a discipline for XC fans, downhill bikers, and so on. The whole thing takes place in a dynamic and gathering atmosphere.

The organization works closely with all the centers hosting the event. While focusing on the enduro aspect, the courses are created keeping in mind the descent and the "flow" of the tracks and will maintain a ratio of 85% descent and 15% maximum climb.

The exemplary layout of the slopes, the attention to detail in the design of the modules and the safety of the courses are criteria that are honored during the series, thus providing a unique experience for each participant. The Wildside Enduro is an event accessible to all, regardless of the level of expertise. Elite riders will be pleased with the various challenges they will encounter during their journey, while those less experienced will enjoy a lighter, but equally entertaining ride.

The Marin Wildside series will provide you with an unrivaled experience with a professional caliber organization. Our first concern is to offer an unforgettable day to all our participants. An event to put on your agenda.

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